Wearable, how to translate it?

Smartphones and new technologies have brought about the emergence of a new concept which is gradually introduced into everyday use but not everyone has clear how to translate. We talk about “wearable” devices and accessories. For those who do not know them, it’s products using the smart technology adapted to objects that are part of day to day: watches, sunglasses, bracelets, etc.

The issue that concerns us here is how the term “wearable” can be translated. If we look only at its literal translation the word “wearable” would be the most appropriate adjective to describe the objectives with the quality called “wearable”. However, there is the problem at the same time determine the ideal Word to call the objects themselves.

The truth is that the Royal Spanish Academy still has not ruled on the matter and as it has happened in other large number of occasions, the inability of reaction to the natural evolution of technology and its application in society can be the acceptance of the word wearable rather than opt for the applicable term in Spanish.

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